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Orlando Wedding Photographer - Annie Casais

I’m Annie! Born and raised a Florida Girl. I’ve spent most of my lifetime in Miami, but recently planted my roots in South West Florida (SWFL). I’m a wife to a handsome Fort Myers Beach Firefighter, Paul, and a Mother to a gorgeous daughter, Penelope Anne.

I received my Bachelor’s in Computer Information from Florida International University, and my MBA from the University of Miami (C-A-N-E-S)! I’ve been in love with photography since before I can remember, but decided to enter the safe and oh so exciting world of Information Technology instead, and became a Software Analyst. While spending the greater part of my adult life behind a computer, my passion for photography never diminished. In fact, it continued to grow, and my desire for learning the craft continued getting stronger. After my daughter came into this world, my whole perspective on life instantly changed. What would I want for my daughter? To make safe choices, or to pursue all the great things this life has to offer? I’m very grateful for the opportunities my previous world provided for me and my family, but the time to set an example by pursuing the things that make me happy, finally took precedence; Penelope Anne Photography was born <3

Memories are the only thing we can hold onto in this fast paced world, and preserving them is everything. Preserving your memories brings me incredible amount of joy. My one true love (well, besides my husband) is natural light. My style is natural, clean, and classic.

Capturing the complete love story between two people, on their special day, is my ultimate mojo.  I LOVE details! From a beautiful necklace that came from your grandmother, to the groom’s favorite chocolate sitting on the guest tables. I LOVE dancing! There is nothing like catching that quick shot of Uncle Joe breaking it down on the dance floor.

My goal is to capture and tell your unique love story, and provide you with memories that will last a lifetime! <3 <3 <3

Here are a few of my favorite things…

  • Paul, Penelope, Mom, Dad, Sisters, Friends & Everyone in between
  • The Beach
  • Coffee
  • Miami Hurricanes
  • Cooking
  • Natural Light
  • Lebron (even if he leaves)
  • Food of Any Kind
  • Fishing
  • Candy from the Checkout Aisle
  • Epcot
  • The sound of my dad’s SLR winding
  • German Beer
  • Coffee (didn’t I already say this one?)
  • Anything Electronic
  • Reading Instruction Manuals
  • My MAC (aka mac daddy)
  • Spartacus (my doggie)

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